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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Beer! It kicks Ass!

There isnt much better on a hot summer day..than a nice cold beer..especially something with plenty of hops..good taste..something original..and being surrounded by 10,000 other people with the same idea. Yes..I was introduced to the Oregon Brewer's Festival yesterday, and the place was a madhouse. It was hot, the camraderie was definitely there with random chants every 10 minutes or so that started and ended with "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!".

So, for those who do not know, Portland, Oregon is now the beer capital of the WORLD. I am not lying. Supposedly, Portland has passed Cologne, Germany, as having the most breweries..etc. I knew Oregon was the micro-brew capital of the USA..which is cool by me, because give me a Deschutes or Full Sail anyday of the week over a Coors piece of crap. But capital of the world?! Well, at the festival, there were people and vendors/breweries from all over the world, and apparently everyone was having a blast, as I could count the number of sober people on one hand. The beers were mighty tasty too. People were really friendly, and I met some girl in line for my first beer who was obviously lit up, and either wanted more information about the beer I was getting, or my number..or both. Didn't matter the order either. She did not see my wedding ring apparently (or care perhaps). But she was cool and we toasted our first mug together, before heading our seperate ways. So my first brew was the Boulder Beer Co.'s "Hazed and Infused". Not a bad beer by any stretch, but I was soon on to other things. After plopping down by my friends Darby and Dawn and enjoying watching them slur their words and people watching in general, I polished my beer off and made my way up to the taps again. I saw some guy with a nice looking mug and asked him what he was drinking. "Chocolate Porter" he replied. I found that line and got the Siletz Brewery's "Chocolate Porter". It ended up being my favorite beer of the day. A nice dark beer with definite hints of chocolate..I know it sounds a tad..gross, for beer, but it was excellent. I came back to my friends, and enjoyed people watching the trim and busty ladies in clothes that didnt hide a thing, but for every nice looking lady I ogled, I seem to find 12 that were on the near side of 350 pounds or more, and well, not exactly what I wanted to see on a hot summer day if you get my drift. Guess it served me right for checking out girls while my wife slaved away at work!

For my third beer, I tried the Big time Brewing Co. "Kolsch 45", which was a great mild beer. A nice light one that would work well after work or with a nice Sunday afternoon BBQ. My wife finally arrived after her work shift ended, while I was drinking my fourth brew, the "Smuttynose IPA", which had a great flavor. She enjoyed the taste of it too, and we polished it off quickly. Obviously, the wife wanted to partake in the festivities, and with my last beer tokens, we got her the Flying Fish Brewing Company's "Dubbel Trubbel", which was probably my second favorite beer of the day. All in all, it was a wonderful event, something that was a lot of fun, with tons of great beers..and I need to get there earlier next time so I can enjoy tasters of all 36 brewing companies..and have my wife along as the designated driver.


At August 01, 2005 8:12 AM, Blogger ab said...

I went on Sunday! I totally agree about the ladies wearing size 2 when they should actually be wearing a size 20. The people watching opportunities were endless. We rode our bikes over there on Sunday. The drunken ride back was mucho fun!

At August 01, 2005 1:13 PM, Blogger Xericx said...

Sounds like a blast. Pity I never made it over there when I was in P-town.

At August 01, 2005 2:08 PM, Blogger Ragazza said...

I need one of those beers with the Sunday afternoon BBQ...I'll take the whole picture thanks.

At August 03, 2005 10:30 PM, Blogger natasha said...

It sounds like a weekend of debauchery. You should forget the beers and go for some good russian Kvas.


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